Royalty Free Stock Kenny's Clipart by KJ Pargeter

  1. 3d Solid Yellow, Blue and Gray Arrows Pointing in Different Directions over a Blue Grid
  2. 3d Red Arrow over a Bar Graph Made of Gold Coins
  3. 3d Matching Bar Graph over a Grid Background
  4. 3d Arrow Above a Declining Bar Graph on Grid Lines
  5. Black Silhouetted Business Man and Two Women Standing Against a Blue Background with a Bar Graph, Grid and Red Arrow
  6. Red Arrow on a Graph over International Countries
  7. 3d Red Increase Arrow over a Bar Graph Made of Gold Coins, over Black
  8. 3d Decline Red Arrow over a Decreasing Bar Graph on Black
  9. 3d Decreasing Chrome Bar Graph with a Red Line and a Broken Arrow on the Bottom, over a White Graph on Black
  10. 3d Red, Green and Yellow Increasing Bar Graph of Stacked Squares, over a Grid
  11. 3d Red Increase Arrow Above Blue and Red Bar Graphs on a Blue and White Grid
  12. Jagged Arrow Going Upwards on a Graph in a Cloudy Sky
  13. 3d Arrow Pointing Upwards over a Blue Grid Background
  14. Blue Arrow over a Grid, Increasing over a Map and a Wire Globe in the Sky
  15. 3d Tortoise Presenting a Growth Chart
  16. 3d White Guy Pushing His Home up on an Upswing Arrow
  17. 3d Robot Pushing a House up an Arro